At DSTV Johannesburg we get asked the same questions frequently, hope this list of FAQ will be helpful, if not feel free to contact us with your questions we will be happy to answer them.

I live on the top floor of an 18 story building, will you be able to install DSTV for me?

Yes, we install DSTV on all types of buildings. It does not matter how tall the building is we will ensure that your satellite dish is firmly installed to receive the best signal no matter where you are located on the building.

Its the first time I install DSTV, how do I get started?

There are many types of DSTV subscriptions, decoders and features. By talking to one of our DSTV experts yu will get a general idea of what is now available from DSTV and choose the package that is most suitable for you and we will take care of the rest after you are satisfied with your DSTV package.

Do you buy and install my satellite dish on my behalf?

Yes, customers to choose to buy all the hardware needed for a succesful DSTV system or they can get the whole package from us at affordable prices. We will purchase and install your DSTV from start to finish.

Besides the money, what else do you require from me to start with my DSTV installation?

Once you have made your payments, signed the MultiChoice DSTV subscription contract there is nothing else we will need from except for the date on which we come to your premises for installation.

I am always busy, can you install my DSTV when I am not home?

Yes, we can. You can sign in your keys at our offices or our DSTV technician will provide a form which you will sign and keep a copy as proof of us being at your premises durring the period of the installation.